My Lotion, Body Spray, Candles and Smelters.      DO NOT Taste as good as they smell.  People have actually
tasted them because of how good they smell.  The Flavored Lip Balm, however, DOES taste as good as it smells..
Help Keep the Bugs away with my custom scent called BuggyGoByeBye!  
It's available in the Lotion, Body Balm and Body Spray!
I came up with a scent that Customers say it works fantastic at
Mosquitoes, Flies, Horseflies, and Sweat Bees.  
No Deet and smells great.   My family and I use it, and I carry it with me at all times.    
It's the scent that repels them, not the ingredients in the lotion & spray.    
The spray can be misted on fabric, skin, and hair.  
Sandy - Super Lotion -
cell - 314-607-3098
* Cedar Hill, MO 63016
Our daughter joined It Works 2 years ago, and has been
trying to get my husband, Mark, and I to join, so that we
could also be debt free.  We've been on the fence about
joining for over a year.  We thought it would be too hard.  
We were wrong, lol.  When Lynne started, she was raising
2 kids, working a full time job and a part time job.  She
quit her high paying job and is now a stay at home mom
with 3 kids and travels A LOT.   She is now a Presidential
Diamond with It Works.  What opened our eyes, was the
working vacation that she treated us to from  May 30 -
June 4, 2013.  She took us to Anaheim, California.  I
watched her talk to anyone and everyone about these
crazy wraps and fantastic all natural supplements.  We
realized how easy it is and how interested people are in
them.  And she isn't a salesperson.  So, we are convinced
that anyone can do this, even us.  And get healthy too.  
So, guess what we did while in California, lol.  We signed
up.  The products are All Natural and Fantastic.  Mark has
been using several of the products for a year now and has
noticed a big difference.  I just started taking them and
have noticed a huge difference with the Confianza and the
Relief.  Visit our website to find out how to Join Our Team
or for wholesale pricing on our products.


Come visit me at the Junk in the Trunk Flea Market
at 2479 U.S. 67,  Festus, Mo.
Their phone # is 636-209-3811
I'm in Room 5, at the end of the hallway, on the left ...
Follow your Nose.
I will announce in Game Room when I'll be at the Flea Market.