My Lotion, Body Spray, Candles and Smelters.      DO NOT Taste as good as they smell.  People have actually
tasted them because of how good they smell.  The Flavored Lip Balm, however, DOES taste as good as it smells..
Help Keep the Bugs away with my custom scent called BuggyGoByeBye!  
It's available in the Lotion, Body Balm and Body Spray!
I came up with a scent that Customers say it works fantastic at
Mosquitoes, Flies, Horseflies, and Sweat Bees.  
No Deet and smells great.   My family and I use it, and I carry it with me at all times.    
It's the scent that repels them, not the ingredients in the lotion & spray.    
The spray can be misted on fabric, skin, and hair.  
Sandy - Super Lotion -
cell - 314-607-3098
* Cedar Hill, MO 63016
Orders and Prizes are taking a little longer for me to get done and mailed for the time being, because of
major health issues.  On Jan. 30th, 2014, I learned that I had 4 lesions on my brain and had brain surgery on
Feb 4, 2014.  I still have 3 lesions and still trying to find out what they are.  I have gotten one diagnosis so
far, that I've had a rare BiLateral stroke and I have some impairments that I have to deal with.
SO, Please be patient when waiting for your order / prize to be mailed.
Thank you